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YES We are back at the Lapstone!!!   We have decided to return to the Lapstone after what has been a rocky period for our old customers.  You will see some of our old favourite activities being re launched plus a few new adventures   Since being back for about 1 month now we have re vamped the front and back beer gardens by fixing benches, fences and painting all of these.

We will also soon be re-opening the outside bar, which is being re-named.  

The Children’s Play area is now also safe and secure for your little ones as we have  fixed anything that needed to be,  added new bark so that the children can enjoy playing again while you have a well deserved rest.  

We have a new Chef called Paul who we are working closely with on re designing the menu’s slightly, however all feedback coming through from our customers regarding our food is very positive.

We are cancelling live acts on a Friday night but will still have Live bands on a Saturday night.  Shaun will be bringing back the Soul Rejuvenation on two Fridays per month, with the first one being on 4th April.  For the other two Friday nights, we will look to playing music to suit our customer’s preferences.

Please have a look through our new and improved web page for further details regarding our Weekly Events, Menu’s and Gig Listings.

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